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Aquacomputer twinConnect direct connection kit for aquagraFX GTX 295 single PCB, 1 slot spacing

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Dettagli tecnici
Compatibility: Aquacomputer Aquagrafx, Aquacomputer AquagrATI
Manufacturer: Aquacomputer
Material: Plastic
Slot spacing: 1
The twinConnect direct connection kit allows direct connection of two waterblocks of the...altro
Informazioni prodotto

The twinConnect direct connection kit allows direct connection of two waterblocks of the aquagratiX- respectively the aquagraFX series to form one block for use on SLI- respectively Crossfire systems.
The rebuilding kit contains a Delrin connector piece as well as a replacement Plexi terminal. An included seal plug allows, depending on the installation, parallel or serial flow through the waterblocks.

Suitable for the following waterblocks:
aquagraFX für GTX 295 single PCB (Art. 12280)  with one free slot between the PCIe sockets

Extent of delivery:
1x Connection element made from Delrin
1x Connection terminal made from Plexiglas
1x Seal plug

Please note: Graphics card, waterblock and fittings not included! SLI- and Crossfire operation is also possible without this kit!


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