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The Last Reformation - Book (english)

The Last Reformation - Book (english)
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Much of what we see expressed in the church today is built on more than just the New Testament....altro
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Much of what we see expressed in the church today is built on more than just the New Testament. It’s built, instead, mostly on the Old Testament, Church culture, and Paganism. It is therefore imperative that we as God’s people dare to stop and take a closer look at the Church today and compare it to the first Church we read about in the Bible. If we are to succeed in making disciples of all nations then we must go back to the “template” we find in the Bible. Let the reformation begin!

Amazing life changing book. It will change our lives if we are willing to accept it. This is an essential message for all.” – Paul P.

An amazing vision of what local churches can be – so far away from what the vast majority” – Amazon

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