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Scythe Slim-Line SATA cable

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  • SLC-SATA-45
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The new Slim-Line SATA cable is a cable which can be used for data transfer and as an adaptor....altro
Informazioni prodotto

The new Slim-Line SATA cable is a cable which can be used for data transfer and as an adaptor. The 45cm long cable is perfect for application in HTPCs and connects the SATA connector of the Mainboard to the installed Slim-Line drives. The popular drives with their compact dimensions can now also be connected via standard SATA to any Mainboard. The Slim-Line SATA cable is also equipeed with the required connections for power supply to the drives.

Thanks to the SATA connector it is now possible to connect a Slim-Line drive to any Mainboard with a SATA connector which can be especially useful e.g. in HTPCs. The cable's length of 45cm also ensures easy installation.
The possible speeds of 3 GBits/s are more than sufficient for the use of a normal drive.

Technical specifications:
Product name: Scythe Slim-Line SATA cable
Model No.: SLC-SATA-45
Weight: 16 g
Length: 45 cm SATA
             15 cm POWER
Speed: 3 GBits/s

Optical slim-line optical drives

Extent of delivery:
1x Cable


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