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Aquacomputer aquaero 4.00 Powerbooster für Selbstumrüstung

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Manufacturer: Aquacomputer
With the aquaero powerbosster the maximal output power if the four fan channels can be increased...altro
Informazioni prodotto

With the aquaero powerbosster the maximal output power if the four fan channels can be increased from 10W to 15W. The maximum overall power output is increased from 30 to 45W.

The aquaero powerbooster consists of an engraved stainless steel faceplate which connects a large Aluminium radiator via a thermal pad to the voltage regulators of the aquaero. This ensures greatly improved thermal transfer and cooling. The engraving on the faceplate makes the connection of accessories easier as all connectors are named on the faceplate.

Power output increase of channel 1:
With an additional modification the the aquaero a maximum output power of 25W can be achieved for channel 1. This is intended for controlling of Laing pumps of the DDC-1T respectively DDC-1T plus series. The Laing pump can therefore controlled perfectly, e.g. to an exact speed by specifying the wanted speed to the aquaero. If the pump stops it will automatically be provided with higher power to restart and will then resume its original desired speed level. When starting your system the pump will always be started with maximum power for a short period of time to ensure reliable start-up. As the fan channel used for the pump can also be controlled according to a connected temperature sensor the pump speed can be adjusted according to e.g. the water temperature in the system.

A description of the required modifications can be obtained from the Aquacomputer support upon request.

Please be aware that by modifying the aquaero your warranty is voided.

The powerbooster is shipped with a thermal pad and the required mounting material.

The aquaero is not included.

Please note:
The powerbooster can only be used with aquaero controllers of the 4.00 series

The german Powerbooster installation manual can be found here for download: Part 1 and Part 2

The resistor diagram is intended only for very experienced users who wish to have the added power on the first channel. If this modification is applied any warranty is lost!

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